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Submitted on
January 15, 2013


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Fail, thieves + Wolves on snow (fresh PHOTOS)

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 15, 2013, 3:21 PM


At first, kiriban 955 555 is VERY close!

At second, photo trip to ZOO Bratislava was a fail. I love visiting ZOOs in winter, they are usually calm, animals are more active and are more curious about you. ZOO Bratislava was nicely covered with snow, but ALL the animals were hidden, I have never seen such an empty ZOO :O_o: the only animals I could photograph were wolves (but in totally photographer unfriendly enclosure) and red pandas. I predicted big cats would be closed in indoor enclosures, but I forgot those exhibits have only natural light which comes through roof windows. But nobody bothered to remove the snow from the roof, so light could not get inside and the indoor cat enclosures were SO dark that one had troubles to even spot the cats there :XD: it was absolutely impossible to take a photo. And finally, I got stuck in Bratislava, freezing in wet shoes and jeans for more than 60 minutes without moving, so I wonder if I get some illness :XD:

At third, I failed in NAT GEO contest :XD: thank you very much for the votes, you got my shot of amazing wolf Lobo into TOP 20. TOP 10 was chosen by experts and all the people got some wonderful prize - but the experst did not include my photo which ended in the last 10 together with masterpieces like……… :XD: I can not pretend I am not a bit sad about it :XD:
But my friends Allerlei and amrodel got 7th and 6th place, winning a one year ticket to ZOO Prague: congrats, girls! :hug: I am jealous and at the same time, I think you should get much better place :( :( I do not understand the experts, Amrodel's professional photo (… got worse position than this badly photoshopped tiger (… :O_o: hm... ok, girls, once more, congrats :hug:

At fourth, I am really devasteted about my photos being stolen again. Some -------------- took my photos, removed my signature and posted them on facebook. That person already got 400 000 fans. When I complained about usage of my photos, this person posted a status which clamed HER as a victim of haters (haters = me and my friends whose photos ALSO got stolen). That stealing person got so MANY supporting comments from her fans... they encouraged her to not mind us... Do not they understand that they encourage her to steal more? That it is US who feel bad and depressed because our stuff got stolen?

Check journals of Allerlei, amrodel and TVD-Photography to learn more about it, I am too tired and depressed to deal with other theft :( I somehow can not bear it. I have so many troubles right now and this is really getting me down.

I am tired with this, people :( I mean REALLY tired :( I have never wanted to ruin my photos with large watermarks (yes, I know I use three signatures, but I still keep saying those are decent ones!), but I propably have no other chance. Very soon, my photos will the most likely get a huge watermark which would cover remarkable part of the main photo's subject. Please, blame the thieves, not me...

At fifth, we have really really bad family problems with my grandda, we are angry, worried, scared, nervous, moved and sad at the same time :( we would like to help but I am afraid we are considered an oposition, not a helping partner. We get the behavior we do not deserve and we do not know if it is caused by normal granddad's personality (which is very complicated) or if it is caused by some illness. We deal with this situation several hours a day, calling whole the family, doctors, preparing various scenarios... it is very exhausting :(

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opheliamocha Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013
The photo Cynthia had supposedly removed the watermark and copyright and posted about 2 weeks ago was from this page [link] note the share, share comment below. It is the lion with tongue out. It is dated May 13, 2012. Another fan looked further and found it here dated October 22nd, 2011. It is ridiculous to even suggest Cynthia took the photo removed all of Woxy's information and posted almost 2 years later. Neither photo had any identifying information on it. This is complete stupidity to even suggest she did it. Not to mention if you do a search that photo appears hundreds of times with no identifying information. The slander and threats are complete stupidity. She runs an animal page not a page to take credit for other photographers photos she makes it very clear in her about section that NONE of the photos are hers. Yet Woxys and her crew still want to keep the drama going and still want Cynthia who by the way isn't even online for more than a few minutes at a time in the last month other than shortly after her release from ICU. To my knowledge she isn't even aware the devious photo altering Cynthia still exists. This is nonsense and anyone who views the above pages will know it. Stop the drama Woxy and find another page to make accusations about. Woxy images appear all over check out Pinterest.
windfalcon Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
"Yet Woxys and her crew still want to keep the drama going..."

...who is the one who keeps returning to this page to throw out accusations? All Woxys wants is for her photographs to NOT be posted on that Facebook page without her permission. She hasn't done anything aside from request the photos be taken down, which they have been. YOU are rekindling the drama. Leave her alone.
opheliamocha Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013
Original and screen shot message that was posted to page and apparently screen shot and documented. You tell me how on earth Cynthia was to know who the hell Tereza Hola was could have been another idiot trying to take credit for a photo. How was she to know this person was Woxy??? Now YOU windfalcon and the Woxy crew can back off over such petty insanity and cease and desist your slandering of Cynthia and her page. Woxy claimed she was having the page shut down well still seems to be going well as far as I can see approx 3,000 - 5,000 new likes a day. Very few unlikes.
Tereza Holá (15. leden 2013): I have already contacted my lawyer. And of course, I reported this to Facebook, asking the company to block your account.

Adresa URL obsahu: [link]

Tereza Holá

I do not know who you are, but I have already contacted facebook, so let's see what happen, dear.

and NEVER. I mean NEVER use my art again. I will report every single image. And yeah, as an artist, I DO have my lawyer, so well.... you can expect a lot of fun if you keep reposting my art

Cynthia Davies

I have no idea what your art is or even who you are.
opheliamocha Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013
strange I see no comments or accusations from me they all seem to be Woxy's drama crew and her constant posts. Cynthia is long removed from this, hasn't a clue or a care what Woxy thinks or does. Her people love her on all her pages. Woxy's little drama means nothing to her. However I understand there is still a pending investigation once Cynthia regains her health. The request to remove the photo was from a Tereza Hola not a Woxy have you any idea on a page of that size how many people wish to take credit for others work. How on earth was Cynthia to know who the heck Tereza Hola and her threats of legal action blah, blah was? The photo of the lion was removed within 1/2 hour that is documented and can be proven once it was established Tereza Hola and Woxy were the same person. I see no comments from Cynthia's friends but, I sure see many continuing to slander Cynthia. When there are hundreds and hundreds of pages with Woxy photos on them. I would suggest you leave Cynthia and her page alone. Find another you can whine about.
windfalcon Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I was thinking about my response to you and realized that I went a little too far. In a way, I'm prodding the drama along by yelling at and accusing you. Whatever your story may be, it's not really any of my business - this issue is between you and Woxys.

I responded to you in such a heated fashion because I feel very strongly about artists and photographers being able to protect their art and photography, and in the importance of copyright. I believe that when you found the image, with the copyright text already removed, you didn't post it maliciously to steal. However, with this unfortunate event, something positive has come out of it, and that's a bit more knowledge on copyright. With a Facebook page as large as you have, this is very important knowledge to have, and I notice that you have been careful to include credit with the photos you have posted since the incident.

I will not respond with any more arguing or accusations, as that's not the way I try to behave in real life, and it's unacceptable for me to act that way online. I hope both parties here can find a peaceful way to settle this situation. :)
windfalcon Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
This has gone on far enough, Cynthia. There are two things you are doing that are completely unacceptable and harming your credibility (what little you have).

The first is replying using two different usernames and pretending they belong to two different people: ~sindrella8 and ~opheliamocha are both you. You use the same writing style with run-on sentences and no paragraphs, and you spell Woxys incorrectly on both. Stop doing this. Just use your Sindrella8 account, identify yourself as Cynthia, and stop pretending you're different people. No one is being fooled, everyone knows, and you can deny it until the sun goes down and the only person who will listen to your lie is you.

The second is this bit about being in the hospital. If you ARE in fact in the hospital, then I wish you a speedy and full recovery, and I am truly sorry about your illness. But even if this is the case do NOT keep pretending that you're too sick to use a computer and that your friends are the ones commenting 'on your behalf'. If you're well enough to use a computer, just say so.

And if you AREN'T actually in the hospital, then know this - there's no way for any of us to know for certain if you're in the hospital or not, but only you are the one who knows the truth about that...and let it sink in for a moment how shameful it would be to lie to people like that. It would be insulting to everyone who has a friend or family member who is in the hospital, to everyone worried about a loved one's well-being. Something like that is not a weapon for your argument's arsenal, and constantly using it in your posts is suspicious and just crumbles your credibility.

Please stop the lying. No one is harassing you. YOU are the one who keeps coming HERE to harass Woxys. I see no comments on the Facebook page as proof of anyone harassing you. Where is the harassment you claim is happening?
buggieskinner5 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
Can't find the specific comment I left but here is my reply to the reply I got...I am an artist but I'm smart enough to keep my art off the internet. Sell it, publish it get a copyright. If you put it on the internet it will be stolen. If you don't want your art stolen don't post it on sites until after you have registered it as yours. That's just common sense people. And to hope someone steals my vehicle? Really? Your all pathetic. Let's see someone sharing a picture that cost nothing to put on the internet vs hoping some dies and that someone else's 35, 000$ vehicle gets stolen....not really a fitting crime for the punishment of speaking ones mind. You are all children. One day you will grow up...for your sakes I hope it's soon. Keep your shit off the internet and it won't get stolen.
windfalcon Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
You really, really have no concept of intellectual property. Many artists and photographers make a living on their art. When those images get passed around with their watermark removed, it takes away the ability for the artist/photographer to be recognized for their hard work, and takes potential sales away from them. I wish I could just create art for the general public to enjoy and distribute, but artists have bills to pay just like everyone else. We're not being greedy or selfish by asking for simple credit to be given for our work.

This wouldn't even have been so much of a problem if Woxys' contact information had been included with the image. It's not hard - if you don't know the owner of the image and can't get credit, don't post the image. Sure, you may have to give up on posting a photo or a painting you really like, but it doesn't belong to you. There are also tools online such as Google Image Search and Tineye where you can drag an image and find other places online where it is posted. 9 times out of 10, it will point you to the original artist.

The car example was used to give you an idea of what it's like to have something that belongs to you taken away. Yes, a car has a tangible value, but art has a value too. As Woxys said, she was able to buy a new camera through her print sales. For HER work, for photographs SHE took. Just because it's on the internet doesn't give people the right to steal it, in the same way that just because your car is parked on a public street doesn't give people the right to steal it. Just because something has a lower tangible 'worth' doesn't mean it's acceptable to steal it. Do you think it's okay to steal a pack of gum from a store, even if it's worth less than a dollar? Stealing is stealing, and I doubt the police officer who comes to arrest you would accept "but it was barely worth anything!" as an excuse.
woxys Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
haha, she TOTALLY failed :D FB removed ALL the stolen stuff, so we won and that illegally posting site COMPLETELY failed! Victory for me and my friends! :D :D :D

and speak about your art, because... you know, you can ONLY speak about it :rofl: :rofl:


P.S.: I have sold so much prints throug dA that I could buy new camera in 2010, so I will definitely keep my stuff on the web and I will simply report anybody who steals my art :D because I obviously win with this tactic! :D
Howling-Crew Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013
i really love your photos your so good at taking pictures and im happy that facebook took the pictures off
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