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FREE SHIPPING - just today! + kiriba

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 2:14 AM


At first kiriban - catch my 933 333 pageviews to win a feature ;) just send me printscreen via note, please :)

Oh sorry, last days you had a big break from my journals, so this time I would annoy you with the third one in a row, sorry :XD:
Just and ONLY today, DA has a free shipping offer!
I believe it is the last chance to order something from DA with free shipping this year... My guess is that they offer it just because last time there were elections and Sandy, so nobody was online.
So I am commercial again, announcing my staff once again :XD: (sorry, not much money, advertising is needed :XD:)


ANIMAL CALENDAR 2013 FOR FREE!!!! by woxys

Colourful WOLF MUG by woxys Colourful FOX mug by woxys
Colourful BIG CATS MUG by woxys DOLPHIN MUG by woxys


Did you miss me? by woxys I love your black smile, wolf by woxys Eurasian wolf: staying proudly by woxys Snow snow by woxys
And you just hear his silent steps by woxys I am never tired of your smile.... by woxys Cool guy by woxys
Winter rhapsody by woxys Waki by woxys Sweet face of the puppy by woxys
He is beautiful by woxys Wolf and yellow leaf by woxys The golden rain... by woxys


Fox by woxys Arctic fox, casting for Disney by woxys Blue-eyed and snow by woxys
Cute - cuter - fennec fox by woxys Mom, that pillow has evil eyes by woxys Kiss the girl by woxys
Red fox in his hole by woxys Thank you for the future by woxys  All the world... by woxys
Bystrouska by woxys Fennec fox: In love...? Him? by woxys It is hard job to be that cute by woxys
Foxy smile... by woxys Most terrific creature EVER??? by woxys Shinning by woxys Staring right to your soul by woxys

Big cats and other animals

But real ladies do not do this, Satu! by woxys Dua and a magical stream by woxys I am underage, but give me a drink! by woxys
White lion Haldir: look into your soul by woxys Those eyes. Those sad eyes... by woxys Touching the tiger... by woxys
Just flying by, just flying by! by woxys Will you join me? Life is fun! by woxys Food makes me happy! So happy! by woxys
Love me, love me by woxys In the clouds... by woxys Nanga, the beauty queen by woxys
Sweet, sweeter, baby tiger. by woxys In a cave by woxys Snowie by woxys Pure elegance by woxys
KING by woxys  Caracal ZONE by woxys Cute baby hunter by woxys Should I pose you for a photo? No problem! by woxys

Much more can be found here:… :la:
Do not forget that those are not just prints, those photos are available as mugs, postcards, puzzles, mousepads and so :D
And if you like some photo which is not submitted as a print but you want it, just tell me and I will prepare it!

If you really want to buy something I do not offer (for example you love reptiles but you see no mug with lizards in my gallery), just tell me, if I can, I can prepare some stuff for you :D

I am so tired. It is 11:15 AM here and I have not gone to bed yet since yesterday's 8:00 AM. So sleepy.
But thesis, hm.

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Ravens-Eye-Studio Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
I so appreciate that you have so many wonderful photos on mugs and magnets. And, I appreciate that Deviant Art has had free shipping today. However, it isn't because of anything as noble as a storm and the damage and loss that it caused.

America is horrible about retail sales and shopping around our holiday time. Every year, we have a day, right after our "Thanksgiving" (the third Thursday in November) that is mostly just for buying presents. The sale is called 'Black Friday'. On this day, all retail shops and stores have big sales of up to 80% off regular prices. On the Monday following Thanksgiving, all online stores have a day where they lower the prices of things in their stores so that people might buy from them. That is why DA has had free shipping for this day.

I think it is wonderfully kind of you to think that America has such high ideals. But, many Americans only care about money. There are a few who don't care about money and those are the people who renew my faith in the human race.
woxys Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012
oh, thank you for claryfiing, I might be still naive :XD:
Ravens-Eye-Studio Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
I just look at it this way; It is really hard to know what it is like in any particular country unless you have lived there for a while. My friend, who is from Ireland, was illustrating how those who live in Ireland treat Americans differently than they do those who live there. But, the only reason she knows this is because she has lived there and knows the difference after taking her American daughter there, and observing how she was treated.

Still...I would SO love to travel. I am sure I would make many mistakes and unwittingly commit social blunders in any given country that was not like America. But, I would have to learn.
woxys Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
that is a lovely attitude :aww:
Ravens-Eye-Studio Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you. That was a lovely thing to say. :rose:
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