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June 4, 2013


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Disaster in ZOO Prague - deliver Woxys project

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 4, 2013, 5:47 PM

Hi pals.

I am really sad to write this.
The Czech republic was hit by floods again. The event made the headlines of world press / news agentures.
Unfortunately, the flood damaged also ZOO Prague.

You know, ZOO Prague was hit by very serious flood in 2002. It totally destroyed the low part of the complex - although the ZOO was in touch with the responsible authorities, they were given a wrong estimation of the highest level of Vltava river. As a result, the ZOO staff did not have enough time to evacuate all the animals. Although the keepers often risked their lives (f.e. when the ZOO was already flooded, they used boats to transport the anesthetized gorillas, potentionally very dangerous animals, to safety), more than 100 animals died. It included a hippo, a lion, a young male gorilla, an elephant.... It was a terrible distaster and I already wrote a special journal about it:…. The symbol of the flood in 2002 was a male fur seal called Gaston. All the fur seals got to Vltava river during floods and the strong stream took them further and further from the ZOO. ZOOkeepers managed to save them all, but Gaston was brought by river to Germany and unfortunetely, he was so weak that the combination of weakness and infection killed him only hours after he got back into hands of his keepers.
ZOO Prague rised like a mythical Phoenix.
They used this disaster to grab the attention of the public. They got not only attention, but love and total support of the Czech nation.
Many people helped the ZOO after this flood.
And ZOO used the tragedy as an impuls - they totally reconstructed the low part of its complex, turning it into super modern, spacious, natural exhibits, a place which kept also the most endangered species of animals. It was fantastic both for animals and people, who could watch the species just through some natural borders or glass.
The ZOO became super mega popular. Not only they hit the headlines of Czech papers or TV news several times a week. ZOO Prague was also included into the 7 best ZOOs in the world. And they totally deserve it.

Simply: floods in 2002 were a big disaster, but also a big chance and ZOO totally used every drop of it, turning the worst into the best.

And now, in 2013, it is ruined.
Whole "logic" of 2002 with its impuls, with reconstruction, with its modern exhibits...
Those exhibits are now under water.
Seriously damaged.
This time the ZOO managed to evacuate all the animals who are now in safety, awaiting the transport to other ZOOs where they'll stay until ZOO Prague fix their exhibits.
I feel angry and helpless.
Even the biggest "zoo haters" would need to respect THIS ZOO. ZOO Prague had so many programs to return the animals from captivity to the wild, so many programs to educate the public, so many programs to help and preserve the wild populations of endangered animals. If any ZOO totally fits the definition of the right and modern ZOO, it was ZOO Prague. When you had some question about animals, those were experts who gave you answer which included all the details - and it was written in a very friendly tone.
For me, ZOO Prague is very respected facility.

That's why I want to help them.
They need volunteers who are willing to come and to clean the ZOO, removing mud and helping the ZOO to recover.

The problem is that, as I have already said, I have no money.
Haha, I have already told you that I now work and help people for free, spending several hours of work for free every day.
So this is a next step - I will PAY with the rest of my money to help the ZOO :XD: I will have to pay some money to get to the ZOO to work there.

I had a little idea.
I think some of you might want to help too. I can give you a bank account of ZOO Prague, they founded it for Floods 2013 help: Zoo Praha Povodeň 2013, bank number 3070207/0100 (international number IBAN CZ3301000000000003070207) (you can verify it here:… ).

Or... you can help through me. Through "deliver Woxys project".

I offer the ZOO my hands. I am willing to come and help with cleaning.

You can be those who "deliver" Woxys worker to the ZOO, helping with paying a journey for me, please... The travelling would cost 550-600 Czech crowns (it means 30 USD or 24 ).
I want to stay in my relative's house (I need to ask them) to be able to go to ZOO for several days to make my help really useful, not just symbolical.
If you send me some money, it would help me to get to the ZOO. If there are some money left, I would buy some desinfection, gloves and other stuff needed by the ZOO. And if a miracle happened, and there would be even more money left, I would send them to the ZOO.
If I got money from you, I would bring you some proof I really went to the ZOO and helped them and I would put some "DEDICATED BY DEVIANTART" stickers on every bottle of desinfection, taking a photo of it. Of course I would inform the ZOO about this project.

I absolutely understand if you do not like the idea - some of you have already sent money for my personal use in the past - thanks for this :hug:
This is just an option for the case you want to help the ZOO through me - but money sent to the ZOO's account are great help too!

I honestly think it is not a bad project, but it is based on trust, I know.

IMPORTANT: I will do my best to go anyway, so my help is not based on dedicated money, do not worry :hug:
I want to act. I want to help - I might have just little money, but I have two healthy hands and I can always kick my big fat lazy ass to help the facility, which gave me SO much!

:superman: :superman: :superman: :superman: :superman: :superman: :superman: :superman: :superman:

If you are willing to send some money and help the ZOO through me, use my paypal account , please and mark the message as "ZOO HELP". For futher info, contact me in a note or in a comment, please. Thank you!

Paypal Stamp by artist4com

:superman: :superman: :superman: :superman: :superman: :superman: :superman: :superman: :superman:

Thank you for attention and for every donation - on ZOO's official bank account or help through me...

Stay strong, ZOO Prague. I hope you will rise again, even stronger than in the past!

You might help also with sharing this journal - here on dA, on Facebook... as you want :( :hug: thank you!

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BlueSky07 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
I've shared the link. Have you gotten enough to go and get supplies yet?
BigPolarFox Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013
I'll share this article via my own journal. I know this' a little I can do, but still there are people who visits my page. Maybe some of 'em can help...
God-like-thing Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
hmm.. I am sure the Zoo had some kind of inurance, so they aren't in a complete hole, though it probably doesn't cover that much. Especially if floods are uncommon in Czech rep..
Sagittor Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013   Photographer
I'm very sorry my friend ;)
Lion-Redmich Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013  Student Photographer
Byl jsem z toho dost nervozní, když jenom pršelo a pršelo a v televizi pořád nic zoo, ale nakonec se mi ulevilo, že je stihly evakuovat. Stejně je to hrůza, že tam není pořádná hráz! :( . Pokusim se nějak pomoc finančně a když to půjde tak i fyzicky.
woxys Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
jo, ale já tentokrát fakt věřila, že to do té ZOO nepůjde...
Každopádně pokud chceš pomoci fyzicky, musíš se registrovat, mají tisíce zájemců! :D

snad trochu pomůžeme, mě už vybrali a jdu s koštětem :D
Lion-Redmich Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Student Photographer
To je dost dobře, že jich je tolik, aby si mohli vybírat. :)

Good luck with koště :D
exia-4ever33 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow, you're a true animal lover :)
i'm sorry i can't help much either >.<
Zetarie-Ino Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist
I send you money, please go on and try to help them! I'm with you!
CarlaTovar Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I would love to help but I live in the other side of the world and have less than a penny on my budget! I really hope the zoo recovers soon and raises stronger. I admire your will to help them!
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