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March 4, 2013
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Canon EOS 500D
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1/2000 second
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250 mm
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Date Taken
Feb 28, 2011, 12:02:58 PM
To admire me? by woxys To admire me? by woxys
white tiger from ZOO Bratislava, Slovakia :) yes, she is cross-eyed.

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:camera: Canon 500D + kit lens 55-250 IS

I wonder why is white tiger white. That’s because it is albino, right?
White tigers are NOT albinos. Albinos would have red eyes. White colour of tigers is caused by recessive gen, whole genetic and colourful deviation is called leucism. White tigers usually have blue eyes and white fur with visible dark stripes.

White tigers are so wonderful! What a shame that this species is endangered in the wild :(
At first, white tiger is NOT a species at all!
In the wild, white tigers extremely RARELY occured amoung Bengal tigers.
But white tiger is NOT a separate species of tiger.

If white tigers are so rare, how comes that we can see them in so many animal parks?
In 1951, people managed to capture a white male cub of tiger. It was brought to captivity, where the male mated with normal orange female. People hoped to get white babies, but newborn cubs were orange. People then got and idea – and they let the white male mate with his OWN daughter. As a result, white babies were born. All white tigers in America and Europe have origin from this pair and their babies.

Er... origin from this pair and its babies?
Yes. To produce more white tigers, INBREEDING was needed. What does inbreeding mean? It means that mothers have babies with their sons or fathers have babies with their daugthers. Or siblings mate to produce more white cubs.
In fact, white tigers are DOMESTIC breed! They are closer to domestic CATS than to fantastic wild tigers. There are at least ELEVEN colour variants of white tigers – it reminds of breeding some budgies.

That’s sick, is not it? What about the result? What abouth health of white tigers?
Of course, inbreeding resulted in serious health damage of white tigers. Many of white tigers cubs are born dead or damaged. Cats have serious problems, for example with their spin. They are also cross-eyed, which is caused by white recessive gen itself. They are simply over crossed and bred poor creatures.

But inbreeding happens even in the wild, for example among lions!
Can you, please, tell me, which wild animal species has an origin in only ONE already inbred pair and then in one line of always inbred animals? In a healthy big population, single cases of inbreeding are not bad, but only inbreeding is.

But white tigers are still tigers after all! They surely need to be protected?
No. White tigers have NO value for protection of tigers.
Not only they are damaged. Not only they are domestic species. But to limit the results of inbreeding, animal facilities tried to mix blood of white tigers, letting them mate with another subspecies of tigers. Which means, that white tigers have no value for protection of tigers.
You need animals with pure blood for every conservation effort – pure blooded Amur tigers, pure blooded Malayan tigers, pure blooded Sumatran tigers. Some mixed, damaged, cross-eyed inbred white tiger has really NO value for protection of tigers.
In fact, their keeping is even more problematic – ZOOs keep them as an attraction instead of keeping and breeding REALLY endangered subspecies of tigers (Amur, Sumatran, Malayan), which really need protection. Those subspecies must be supported by ZOOs to have a chance to survive. Not white mutants.

Wait... why do ZOOs, even respected ones, keep white tigers then?
White tigers are good for marketing, as they are very attractive.
The question is not only black and white – white tigers attract the visitors and ZOOs can use money from entrance fees to breed and protect really endangered species of animals.
But American asociation of ZOOs has already banned breeding of new baby white tigers, hoping to remove this little “deviation“ from North American ZOOs in 20 years.
Nobody wants to shoot white tigers right now. They are living creatures and they deserve to live in the best living conditions. We should just stop breeding new ones.

Who the hell told you about this? What a crap!
Check the internet for info.
To provide real fact about white tigers, I contacted one of the most respected animal facilities in the world – ZOO Prague, which is very successful at breeding endangered species of animals, including tigers. This ZOO’s task was to control Europen population of white tigers in 2009. They were nice enough to send me valuable source of info.
[link] [link] [link]

So... why do YOU post photos of white tigers then? What a hypocryte you are. You just want to have faves.
My photos of orange tigers are far more popular than photos of white tigers.
I also use my photos to INFORM people – and be sure that many of them were shocked when they learned about the origin of white tigers. Usually, people thank me for informing them, but of couse, some trolls who flame me for presenting those facts occur time to time.
Also... white tigers are nice – and they will probably disappear in few decades. Why should I deny their existence? It is good to use images of them to remeber their presence and to remember, how people in fact “created“ them, letting them suffer for their beauty.

To see more, look at my ZOO and BIG CATS GALLERY :aww:

This photo belongs to me and I can very easily prove, that it was me, who took this shot. So please, respect my copyright :nod: if you want to use my work, ask me first to gain my permission, please! Thank you :lol:
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PadmelinaRepley Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Haha! He is soo funny! ^^
inapopovici Featured By Owner May 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww...Poor things...
xXRekaTheDogXx Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013
Poor girl D: i just wish that people would stop breeding white tigers
SaberToothLuver Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013
I am guessing the crossed-eyes are due to inbreeding?
woxys Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013
to white colour itself...
Charlie-Lang Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Do people actually give you shit for taking photos of white tigers? That's not hypocritical at all, wtf. They're pretty :D
ibjennyjenny Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013  Professional Photographer
Perfect shot, this is amazing, those eyes are so beautiful and so expressive. You did a wonderful job here.
woxys Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013
thank you :aww:
Rowena-Silver Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
I would really appreciate information on other animals in the same condition - 'white' lions, antelope, etc, just like you've done here, should you get the chance to photograph them.
Ymia-the-cheetah Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
not all animals have that condition. For exapmle the white gene in white lions and peacocks is first of all more general then white tigers (white lion breed and come in the wild by chance alot more then white tigers cause white tigers die due lack of camouflage)
alot of healty lions have the white gen and when bred with another one who has the gene it creates white lion. White lions are not needed to be inbred to create them. and they are alot more healty. while white tigers in zoo's are ALWAYS inbred ( maybe a very few rare exceptions) but white lions are not on the same case as white tigers :/ since the gene is more occuring then the one in the tiger.
not all white animals share the same fate as the white tiger. like deer,wallybies,lions etc etc alot of those animals have the gene 'stronger' then the tiger cause those animals can survive even if they are white collors, while with the tiger; the wild tiger is trying to kill the gene trough evolution ( just like black cheetahs, and other died collor mutations) cause it serves no good in their habitat, but humans are waisting their time trying to keep the collor alive instead of focussing on heatly animals and saving them by breeding them
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