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December 5, 2011
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Colourful FOX mug by woxys Colourful FOX mug by woxys
Hello! :aww:

As I promised, here comes colourful FOX mug! :aww: I am trying to make money for my ZOO photo trips, so I am trying to sell this series of photos and products. This is a mug - mug with high quality SLR photos of foxes, original B-day or X-mas gift for your friends or for you! :nod: All three photos are on ONE mug, so you do not need to decide :D
The price is set by dA - I left the cheapest basic price without making it more expensive ;)

The mug is cheap (it is the LOWEST possible price) and it is sold through dA ---> to get it, click at BUY THIS PRINT :nod: everything is official and guaranteed by dA :D

I am grateful for every :+fav:, which helps me to spread the mug!

You do not need to choose among those fox photos: ALL THREE photos are on ONE mug!

And here you can see the first colourful mug from the set - WOLVES and a mug with BIG CATS! :nod: colourful mug with FOXES will come soon ;) I think that the whole set of mugs would be amazing X-mas present ;D

Mug is sold WITHOUT my signature, of course!!!

Calendar 2012

There are also another ways how I try to make some money: I offer wolf calendar 2011-2012 for free, just hoping for some voluntary donation for my paypal address :aww:

Here is the calendar, which can be used for FREE!

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That fox on the far right looks like a fluffy round ball with a head stuck on it. So cute! XD
WOW! these are outstanding photographs! I was just wanting to enquire about buying a mug, only if I could and only if they are available! :) if so, I would love to purchase one! :D only if they are though!
thank you :D and of course, they are available :D
That's great! How much are they and where could I possibly place an order? :)
I simply adore your photography!
you do not buy them from me, you buy them from dA :D just click at BUY THIS PRINT, please :aww:
Oh great! I will ensure that I save my pocket money for a little fox mug! :) you are a wonderful photographer! :D
:love: the pics! I adore that sliver fox but I can;t stop :rofl: at that last fox...... it's sooo CUTE! like a :teddy: bear I just wanna hug it!!!!!!!!!! :cuddle: :tighthug: :heart:
Checkered-Queen Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I REALLY want to move to Indiana, just so I can have a pet fox!
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